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Tapper, K, Mindfulness, attentional control and healthy eating. National Institute for Social Care and Health Research, Doctoral Studentship. January 2011 - December 2013. £59,990.
Physical activity

Tapper, K., Maio, G., Haddock, G. & Lewis, M. Lifestyle Change: Values and Volition. Economic and Social Research Council. September 2009 - August 2013. £442,492.

HealthValues website

Wilma lgo

Simpson, S.A., Shaw, C., Duncan, D., Cohen, D., Tapper, K., Hill, A., Hood, K., Owen-Jones, E., Blake, C., Rollnick, S., Elwyn, G. & Williams, S. Weight Loss Maintenance in Adults (WILMA). National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment. September 2010 - May 2015. £1,458,796.

Chocolates Moore, L., Murphy, S., Tapper, K., Lyons, R. & Benton, D. Free School Breakfast Initiative Data Augmentation and Analysis. Medical Research Council (National Prevention Research Initiative). May 2009 – April 2011, £281,304.jkjj
Chocolates Tapper, K. & Pothos, E.M. Thinking about food: Effects on food-related attentional bias. The Nuffield Foundation. March 2009 - May 2011. £7,366.jkjj
Chocolates Tapper, K., Lawrence, A. & Pothos, E.M. Development and comparison of measures of food-related attentional bias. Welsh Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. April 2007 - August 2007, £2,965. jkjj

Tapper, K., Shaw, C. & Moore, L. Development and piloting of an acceptance-based intervention for overweight and obese women. Welsh Office of Research and Development. March 2006 – August 2007, £72,908.

Obesity Pothos, E.M. & Tapper, K. Does pre-occupation with body shape / food lead to overeating? Welsh Office of Research and Development. February 2006 – January 2008, £67,139.

Tapper, K. & Pothos, E.M. Effects of two ideation strategies on children's ability to delay gratification. Nuffield Foundation. January 2006 – January 2007, £7,187.


Moore, L., Tapper, K. & Murphy, S. Evaluation of Free School Breakfasts Initiative. National Assembly for Wales. September 2004 – August 2007, £496,181.

Food Dudes

Lowe, C.F., Horne, P.J. & Tapper, K. Trials of the Food Dude Healthy Eating Programme in Ireland. Bord Glas. June 2002 – January 2004, £146,801.

Food Dude homepage

Child eating fruit

Lowe, C.F., Horne, P.J. & Tapper, K. A pilot study of the Food Dude Healthy Eating Programme in Ireland. Fyffes. May 2002 – August 2003, £22,805.

Food Dude homepage

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